I am a millennial wife and mother of two awesome boys ages thirteen and one. Yes, the space is extremely long between my boys, however, my husband and I manage switching roles between teen and toddler parent quite well.

My motivation to build a community of care for moms, came out of my experience, becoming a mom at eighteen , working, studying, becoming a wife and a mom again twelve years later. I have encountered many fails along the way and achieving all I have would not have been possible without the support of a bunch of friends, family, millennial wives and moms alike. I believe that there is so much to learn, love, adapt, share and grow. There are endless ways to reach and help other moms who may not have had the knowledge and experiences that I have gained and continue to discover.

Being a mom 12 years ago , required a different set of skills and the requirements have changed as fast as technology.

I invite you to join me as I curate and create content along this journey as a working wife, mom, entrepreneur and lover of life. Moms to be and even dads are welcome. Expect the unexpected truth, as we explore topics on victories and failures, fun and not so fun experiences in parenting. Also, feel free to share your experiences with me.

Thank you for reading !