Mom life be like !!!

The stages of pregnancy for most mommys-to-be are :

First discovering you’re pregnant, excitement, anxiety and mixed feelings pervade your thoughts.

Followed by that stage of disbelief and actually processing that you’re pregnant , which flows right into the “I don’t feel very much like myself stage.” Food aversions, tiredness, dizzy spells and morning sickness to name a few.

This is followed by “I’m finally starting to feel like myself again.” “Oh hey, my tiny little human is growing so I can’t find clothes that fit.” Your newly regained energy is now spent planning ways to dress the bump.

Then there’s nesting, you start seeing everything in the house that needs to go before baby arrives.

Then you realize that 5 months have gone and there’s 4 more to go. Anxiety steps in as the baby industry is booming and the information age has bombarded us with all these new options, baby brands and trends so you go back and forth about which brand of products you should use, to what baby furniture is necessary.

When you’ve finally settled on all these things (which is not guaranteed to happen before baby arrives) and you finally complete your baby registry, you start thinking about the labour process and the rest of your time is spent praying for minimal pain and a healthy and smooth delivery experience.

Time is now upon you and you’ve totally forgotten that YOU need to deliver this tiny human and you’ll need some essentials to do it. What Next ?

Join me along this journey as I curate content for moms and moms-to-be , sharing real stories , mom life hacks and ways to co ordinate the chaos that is mom life with lots of love …


Deneille / Novel Mom


Wife currently raising three (3) world changers, Christ centered, media and sustainable development enthusiast, advocate for minimal fulfilled living, lover of life and people

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