Momlife Starter kit (Preggy edition)

First things first… PRAY

If I were given a dollar with every piece of advice I received while pregnant, I would be a millionaire. If I were given a dollar for every piece of pregnancy advice I received that did not apply to me , I would also be a millionaire.

There are so many pregnancy, delivery and parenting stories and honestly, I refrained from exposing myself to too many of them as some of them can totally mess with your mind. Seriously, I believe in transparency, but some stories should not be told to a person while pregnant… So, to start, Pray…

Pray that God will send the right persons your way, to encourage you through this journey, to sow positive seed.

Pray that God will direct you to what’s right for you and your baby, because the barrage of opinions and information can be confusing and overwhelming.

Pray for discernment, to know what to accept and what to reject, because you’ll need alot of it during this journey of becoming a parent.

I’m about to share with you some of my favorite things. The items that helped me out to start my journey. Hope there’s something valuable to you too…

  • The Pregnancy App – Yes, millennial moms use apps and there are many available, however I chose Ovia. I loved that it was very accurate and user friendly, packed with relevant information on each stage of pregnancy for mommy and baby.
  • Nausea kit – Some women are blessed with a nausea free first trimester. I was not one of them and needed a few essentials to ease my discomfort. My diet for the first twelve to fourteen weeks of pregnancy consisted of Crispy toasted bread, ginger tea and ginger ale, pommegranate and Tums. These items resided in my handbag and everywhere I went until we successfully passed this phase.
  • Wardrobe essentials – As soon as you get over the nausea stage, your belly starts growing and finding flattering fashion for your body changes can be a chore. For me, maternity leggings and jeggings were a must. Shirt dresses and jersey dresses were life savers, cute flats , lipgloss and sunglasses. Wireless maternity bras are also a comfy choice, I still wear them one year later. A robe ( we’ll get into the many reasons you need a robe, pre and post pregnancy in another post).

Minimal is key to surviving this journey. The changes come fast and furious and chaos is inevitable, so to simplify the process, make a list of what suits you and stick to it.

More to come.

Thank you for reading!

XO / Novelmom


Wife currently raising three (3) world changers, Christ centered, media and sustainable development enthusiast, advocate for minimal fulfilled living, lover of life and people

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