This series is in no way intended to discredit any product, service or person/s using them, but rather to highlight the importance of staying focused on what you really need , to avoid wastage and clutter.

What you need and what you don’t …

What you need as a new mom is totally dependent on your lifestyle and preferences. Beware of anyone (including myself) or any compelling advertisement that can make you spend unnecessarily on something you do not need. Quite frankly, that money can go to your child’s college fund or his/her first investment property, maybe even a family vacation. When I realized the value of planning before spending and collecting memories rather than things, mom life became so much more fulfilling. I’m learning everyday to embrace my chaos and enjoy the less chaotic times to the fullest, because the less flustered you are as a mom, the happier your family will be.

Yes, there are many things you will see and like, but the question to ask yourself is ” Is this absolutely necessary?”

My mission as a mom of two is to make life as simple and enjoyable as possible. As I mentioned in my previous post, ” chaos is inevitable when you become a mom” so minimalism , in my opinion is the greatest essential. Be intentional about identifying the process that an item is contributing to, before purchasing it.

Some questions I ask before making a purchase are:

  • How will this help my daily routine?
  • Is this item multi-use?
  • Is this item worth the $$ ?
  • Is this item durable ? ( Can it be kept for future use or passed on? )

In my next few blog posts , we will explore some of the items that suited my lifestyle as a working wife, entrepreneur and mother of a thirteen year old athlete and a toddler.

Note that the dynamics of your reality must be identified before you can answer these questions, as they are a major determining factor for your needs. It is also a starting point to coordinating your chaos, by organizing simple strategies to help your family thrive, eliminate wasteful spending and leave a remarkable legacy.

“It’s impossible to eliminate the chaos that is mom life. Why not thrive through it.” — Deneille Thorne

Thank you for joining me on this journey !

XO @novel_mom


Wife currently raising three (3) world changers, Christ centered, media and sustainable development enthusiast, advocate for minimal fulfilled living, lover of life and people

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