Amazon MOM – Travel must haves

As soon as you become a mom, you start wishing that there could be a drive through everywhere you go to avoid the whole car seat and stroller drama. Trust me, I avoided a lot of shopping trips, especially when my son was under one. Online shopping has undoubtedly been a lifesaver for me and I am proud to say that I am an amazon mom. From my baby registry to everyday shopping, amazon makes mom life so much easier. Some may label online shopping and drive through moms as lazy , but I’m really not moved by those labels as my sanity is more important than mom judgement. Whatever makes my daily routine simpler and effectively gets the job done is a winner in my books.

I’m a sucker for a good sale and there are so many deals this time of year. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday and now until the new year there’ll be some pretty awesome amazon deals to save your pocket and save your sanity in 2020. My little guy just switched to his new big boy evenflow carseat , very affordable and easy to carry. I appreciate that it’s lightweight and not very bulky especially for traveling. You may need to add one of these really awesome travel pillows to say bye bye to the wobble head though, then all will be well with the world.

Talking about travel, I also got little Mr. sweet face one of the cutest backpack leash , comfortable , functional and convenient for our upcoming Christmas trip. Don’t take this lightly, children don’t understand danger mostly under the age of 4, so it is our responsibility as parents to ensure they are safe. Especially when travelling with more than one family member , it may be taken for granted that your toddler is with someone else in the family, when in fact they can be lost. Home alone is more than just a funny TV show, don’t take that chance, leash up mama.

Another item in my sale weekend splurge is a handy dandy mommy fanny pack. During last years Christmas travels, my dad misplaced his passport on his return flight and only noticed when he was making travel arrangements a few months later. We searched for days, to no avail so his next move was to file a police report in order to apply for a replacement. After doing all this , guess what? He found the passport, neatly nestled in one of his jacket pockets. To avoid this inconvenience and the agony of the frantic search, I will be prepared. This savvy belt bag is absolutely necessary for my family of four to make the travel process easier and I will be comfortable knowing that all our passports are together.

Check out these clipped prices before they’re all gone and share some of your Sale splurges.

Thank you for reading !!! XO


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